The CCDI Top 10 Canadian Heroines List.

Canadian Women

The voting is closed and the list is in: The Top 10 Canadian Heroines!

Canada has a lot of women to be proud of!

In response to the Canadian Heritage all-male list of “Canadian Heroes”, the Canadian Institute of Diversity and Inclusion put out a call for nominations for our own list: The Top 10 Canadian Heroines. We asked Canadians “Who makes you most proud to be a Canadian?”

Our list started with nearly 70 names and in the end, we had a list of over 140 amazing women who have done heroic things to make Canada great. Every one of them is deserving of being called a Canadian Heroine.

And Canadians agree! Voting opened on June 17 at 10:44AM EDT and closed on June 30 at 11:59PM EDT. In that time, we received nearly 4,000 votes (Canadian Heritage received over 12,000 but it took them 6 months…go us!) from people who are passionate about the women who have and continue to help build this great nation.

However, the list is called “The Top 10 Canadian Heroines” not “The Top 140+ Canadian Heroines”, so we have to name the winners. Just in time for Canada Day, we are proud to present The Top 10 Canadian Heroines.

  1. Chickadee Richard
  2. Founders of the “Idle No More” Movement
    (Sheelah McLean, Nina Wilson, Sylvia McAdam, and Jessica Gordon)
  3. Shannon Buck
  4. Gladys Radek
  5. Sheila North Wilson
  6. Shannen Koostachin
  7. Elizabeth Bagshaw
  8. Dana Florence
  9. Dr. Kathryn Woodcock
  10. Shaneen Robinson

In the coming days and weeks we will be doing more to tell the stories of these women. For now, click on their names to learn more about them and the things they have done to be included as one of The Top 10 Canadian Heroines.

To learn about all of the 2014 nominees – click here.

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