The CIDI Launches Controversial Gay Rights PSA in time for Olympic Games

20140204 - LGBT Olympic Equality LogoThe Canadian Institute of Diversity and Inclusion (CIDI), an equality rights organization, has launched a controversial LGBT PSA just in time for the Olympics, claiming the games have “always been a little gay.”

The ad features two athletes on a luge track performing the customary luge starting movement. The men thrust back and forth before heading down the track. The Human League’s 80’s hit song “Don’t you want me” plays throughout. The PSA finishes with the line “The games have always been a little gay, let’s fight to keep them that way”.

“The discrimination in Russia is unacceptable,” says Michael Bach, Founder and CEO of the CIDI, “As an organization, we want to show our support, especially for the athletes competing at the Olympics in Sochi.”

The CIDI is also inviting the public to show their support for equality during the games by  changing your Facebook profile picture to the silhouette of two lugers forming the equals symbol.

Watch the video here:

The PSA was created by Rethink, a Vancouver / Toronto based creative agency.

About Rethink:
Rethink is one of Canada’s most respected agencies, specializing in advertising, design, digital and social. Founded in 1999, it now employs over 100, with offices in Toronto and Vancouver.

For additional information please contact:

Kathleen Kahlon
Canadian Institute of Diversity and Inclusion


Caleb Goodman


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