Centennial Certificate in Leadership and Inclusion

The Centennial Certificate in Leadership and Inclusion is a leadership development certificate program designed for managers, leaders, HR, diversity professionals, and individual contributors. It applies diversity and inclusion practices to leadership issues in the workplace. You will gain insights into improved team performance and bring a competitive edge to employee learning.

We developed this program to support individuals who work as diversity professionals. It is valuable for organizations that want to improve team performance, foster innovation and build inclusive leadership.

CCDI found a valued partner in Centennial College to make this experience available across Canada. The certificate offers an opportunity to:

  • Examine local and global trends in today’s workplaces.
  • Understand the impact of diversity and inclusion on organizational culture.
  • Develop personal leadership and change management skills.
  • Identify the successful leadership strategies and practices that promote inclusion.

The Certificate consists of four online courses that span 7.5 weeks each. To complete the four courses in the certificate program, participants need to commit a total of 30 weeks. The total student effort will be approximately 30 hours per course or approximately four hours per week.

The courses are delivered entirely online (currently only available in English) via the Centennial eLearning portal. Lessons will be delivered through recorded webinars, videos, simulations, readings, and online discussions with facilitators and other students.

The program has been designed for busy working people managers and experienced individual contributors who aspire to leadership positions and who are interested in learning how to be inclusive leaders and advance diversity and inclusion in their organizations. These include:

  • Team leaders, supervisors, or managers
  • Project/program managers
  • Experienced individual contributors in any line of business who aspire to management or leadership positions

This certificate would be relevant to people working in the public, nonprofit, or private sector; in any industry, and any size of organization. Because the courses are delivered online, learners can take this certificate from anywhere in the world. However, keep in mind: materials will emphasize Canadian diversity and inclusion issues.

Cost and enrollment details

  • Number of courses: four courses (30 hours per course)
  • Cost per course: $510-530
  • Enrollment is limited to 15 participants

Additional information and application


"Prior to starting the program I despised online learning. After taking courses facilitated by Dr. Williamson, I now not only enjoy all of the benefits of online learning as a student, I even started teaching online courses!" - Aly, Spring 2018 cohort

Virtual open house

Interested in learning more about the CCLI program before registering? Take a look at this video of a virtual open house, where participants were able to hear from the course facilitators.