Diversity and inclusion metrics on the industry

Industry Meter is a quantitative measurement tool to understand the state of diversity representation within a specific industry or sector. It provides a comprehensive report of the demographics of your organization compared to the demographics of similar organizations. It investigates three major components of an industry or sector:

  • Demographics – we require participation from at least five organizations before we can produce the comparative data that will help contextualize representation of identity groups in your organization. Results rely on participation in Diversity Meter, which uses modules created specifically for your industry or sector. As of 2018, we have written or plan to write reports on the legal profession, police services, and Ontario museums. We have started compiling data that can be used for reports on Ontario-based municipalities, the gaming sector, and the healthcare sector.
  • Culture – we conduct a literature review on your industry or sector, using relevant research, policies and sector-specific reports. We also conduct focus groups with identity groups to explore situations and behaviours that create barriers to inclusion. This is a qualitative approach that helps you outline the dominant culture of your industry or sector and the impact it has on diversity and inclusion issues.
  • Leading Practices – leveraging our national experience, we conduct one-on-one interviews with other diversity and inclusion leaders or practitioners who work in companies within the same industry or sector. These interviews provide us with valuable insights on effective practices related to diversity and inclusion.