Diversity and inclusion metrics on the workplace

The CCDI Consulting Maturity Meter™ is a qualitative measurement exercise that evaluates the maturity of your organization’s Diversity and Inclusion Strategy. In other words, it gives your organization a third-party perspective on the progress or maturity of your efforts to embed a diversity and inclusion approach in your business processes.

This on-line questionnaire and survey is largely based on the Global Diversity and Inclusion Benchmarks© (by the Diversity Collegium), combined with other recognized standards on specific aspects of diversity in the workplace.

Maturity Meter™ includes:

  • An on-line employer questionnaire (≈ 160 yes/ no questions) of which 9 of the questions allow for the uploading of documents that demonstrate the validity of the answers to the questions;
  • An on-line employee validation survey where a random sample (at least 10per cent of employee population) are surveyed to validate the employer answers (optional); and
  • Third party evaluation of the employer responses.

Your organization will receive:

  • Full technical support for answering the questionnaire and uploading documents;
  • Full support for implementation of the employee validation survey including a templated toolkit; and
  • A Maturity Evaluation which is a ranking and assessment report, including one hour of coaching and discussion on the findings.

If your organization is beginning your diversity and inclusion journey and you would like to know how your diversity and strategy compares to relevant benchmarks, OR managing some diversity and inclusion programs or initiatives and you would like to grow them into a strategic approach by evaluating them against the benchmarks, then Maturity Meter™ is the right thing for you!

 To learn more about Maturity Meter please, contact CCDI Consulting