Diversity by the Numbers (DBTN) is an exciting research methodology that focuses on providing concrete demographic information on the complexion of specific industries. We collect information directly from employees to better understand how they identify by a wide variety of characteristics, and then compare across their industry to better understand how an individual employer stands in relation to the profession.

Value for employers:

  • Provide the ability to collect sensitive self-identification information from their employees while maintaining the strictest level of privacy and confidentiality.
  • Provide objective diversity-related demographic data on their workforce compared to their industry in Canada.
  • Provide data-driven insights to help better understand demographic trends such as why certain groups are represented in the industry the way they are.
  • Engage a broader audience in discussion about diversity in the labour market and workplaces in Canada.

In order to maintain the confidentiality of the information we collect and protect the privacy of our clients, we are committed to only reporting on an industry when we have conducted our Diversity Census with five or more employers in that industry.

Diversity by the Numbers Industry Initiatives:

To download a copy of the Diversity by the Numbers: The Legal Profession report, click here.