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Tina Changoor, MSc, PhD

Director, Partner Services

Tina Changoor has over 10 years of experience conceptualizing, designing, executing and analyzing both quantitative and qualitative studies. She has worked as a health and well-being researcher where she studied micro and macro factors that impact both individual and community well-being with a focus on the interconnections between systemic barriers and well-being outcomes. She has collaborated with diverse stakeholders including organizations in the public and private sectors and has contributed to studies that have examined the mental health experiences for individuals living with chronic health conditions, wellness interventions for corporate employees, and the social exclusion and employment experiences of immigrants living in Canada. 

Tina completed her doctorate degree in a multidisciplinary field of psychology, health and social sciences and holds a Master of Science in clinical psychology. She is passionate about promoting individual and community well-being and has worked on workplace wellness initiatives with community organizations as well as some of Canada’s top employers and leading health care institutions.