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Diversity on dime: Winnipeg

Your budget has been slashed, the economy is in a downturn, you’ve had a change in staff. Any of these things can derail your D&I initiatives. What can you do? This session will focus on how you can keep the momentum going without costing your organization any hard dollars – in other words how to Read More

Identifying and developing diversity champions: Saskatoon

Employee engagement on diversity and equity initiatives is essential for diversity strategies that create change in workplace culture – and diversity champions are valuable influencers who can shift mindsets and make these initiatives effective. We will share best practices in: Identifying diversity champions within your organization; Developing and coaching diversity champions, with tools and resources Read More

Women’s advancement: Getting it right, right now

Promising practices for tackling the topic of women’s advancement head on. Today, women account for over 60% of undergraduate degrees in Canada. In fact, they have accounted for more than 50% of undergraduate degrees since … 1980! So why are there only a fraction of CEO positions held by women? We have more research on Read More

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