CCDI Webinar: Mental Health in the Workplace

The CCDI is proud to have  Sarika Gundu, National Director of the Workplace Mental Health Program for the Canadian Mental Health Association (CMHA) on hand as our guest presenter for our December CCDI Webinars. Supporting your employees’ mental health can improve productivity, cut down on absences, and increase worker retention. It can be a complex task, but Read More

Unconscious Bias: A Primer

What is unconscious bias and how can you prevent it from influencing your workplace decisions? I had the pleasure of attending the CCDI’s D&I: The UnConference on Unconscious Bias in Toronto on October 26, 2015. Presenters Michael Bach and Renée Bazile-Jones led the group through an analysis of unconscious bias, exploring the ways it influences our Read More

Centennial College Certificate: Leadership and Inclusion.

The CCDI is proud to partner with Centennial College on the development of their “Leadership and Inclusion Certificate” program. The Centennial Certificate in Leadership and Inclusion has been developed by CCDI and Centennial College with the goal of educating today’s professionals to become the inclusive leaders of tomorrow. About the Centennial Certificate in Leadership and Inclusion: Read More

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