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Who we are

Canadian Centre for Diversity and Inclusion is a forward-looking social organizations with research and learning woven into our DNA, tracing how people identify alongside demographic trends within the Canadian workplace to move employers from diversity to inclusion.

Our mission is to help those we work with be inclusive, free of prejudice and discrimination – and to generate the awareness, dialogue and action for people to recognize diversity as an asset and not an obstacle.

Our leadership came together from the corporate world and public institutions with a shared goal of helping employers celebrate diversity and difference with a model that blends social impact and proven business tactics for inclusive work environments that mobilize the potential of individuals – and of teams.

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Latest News


March 21, 2022

The myth of racial equality in a humanitarian crisis


In the media

April 12, 2022

CFL launches Diversity in Football Program



May 25, 2021

Toolkit: Sustaining the Black Lives Matter movement in the workplace



March 30, 2022

Leader Talks with Anne-Marie Pham with Mark Harrison and Tyjondah Kerr