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Michelle Hawks (She, her)

Manager & Team Lead, Research and Knowledge Solutions

Michelle is a dedicated researcher with over ten years of experience in both qualitative and quantitative research methods. She gets a deep sense of enjoyment when a research project and theory come together in just the right way to answer a question that is being asked.

At the core of her research portfolio Michelle is focused on a continual deep understanding of equity and justice including all of their nuanced forms. As a manager in Research Knowledge Solutions Michelle brings a constant curiosity to learn more about how we are all interconnected through her interests in history, sociology, philosophy, education, and language.

In addition to her research background, Michelle also joins the team with extensive teaching and facilitation experience, where a key tenet of her teaching has always been looking at how to seek equitable educational opportunities for all.

When not working, Michelle spends her time knitting, learning French, and hiking with her family.