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Veronica Wang (She, her)

Coordinator, Digital Marketing

Veronica (Yan) Wang joins CCDI as the Digital Marketing Coordinator, helping CCDI with various social media assets, including podcasts, blog series, media posts, etc.

Veronica obtained her Bachelor of Arts (Communication and Print and Digital Publication) from Simon Fraser University, Vancouver. She began working with Vancouver's indie band as a PR and media coordinator, experiencing local culture while bringing excellent design and event planning skills. She then challenged herself and began to work in the education industry and as a freelance digital content creator.

Growing up in a small but beautiful coastal city in China, Veronica always felt passionate about finding different and unique cultures, and she finally decided to explore the planet herself. After she came to Canada by herself, she immediately fell in love with the city. As someone who is the cultural minority but still is the minority in her community, she wishes to use her profession as much as she can to encourage people to feel powerful and blessed with their diversities.

Outside of work, Veronica is also a cat-mom of 2, a Nintendo gamer, and a gardening enthusiast.