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Jody Spiegel

Jody Spiegel is the Director of the Holocaust Survivor Memoirs Program at the Azrieli Foundation. 

Hired at the inception of the Toronto office in 2005, Jody launched several exceptional projects. In her current role, Jody has worked with her team to produce over 123 survivor stories. She is the Executive Producer of Re:Collection, an interactive experience that invites users to explore the first-hand accounts of Holocaust survivors and the Azrieli Series of Short Films, which features stories and animatereat d excerpts from memoirs written by Canadian Holocaust survivors. 

Across Canada and internationally, Jody is a guest speaker and panelist on the role of best practices in Holocaust education, memory and storytelling, Holocaust distortion and the future of Holocaust education without survivors.

Jody is a Canadian delegate of the International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance (IHRA) representing Canadian expertise in areas of pedagogy, first person accounts and the Holocaust distortion in the classroom. Jody sits on the Committee on Antisemitism and Holocaust Denial. In 2022, she chaired the Education Working Group of the IHRA.