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Mia Talavera

Mia Talavera is the Equity Specialist-Senior Consultant at Global Talent Engagement.Mia concentrates on driving positive corporate culture including the design and delivery of Stantec’s global Inclusion and Diversity (I&D) strategic portfolio- she is also commissioned as an active council member on Stantec’s Inclusion & Diversity Council for both the US council and Canada council. She believes that inclusion is a fundamental human right and that the equitable treatment and dignity of all human beings should be exercised and valued.

Mia is also responsible for Stantec’s Regulatory Equity Compliance portfolios: Equal Employment Opportunity and Affirmative Action (US Federal legislations) and Employment Equity (Canada Federal jurisdiction). Stantec is an Equal Employment Opportunity employer and is also committed to implementing Employment Equity to represent a workforce that truthfully embodies North American diversity. Mia collaborates with key internal & external stakeholders to ensure Stantec complies with the laws and regulations requiring the promotion of equity and nondiscrimination in business practices.

Mia is passionate about creating real inclusion and to further understand how society can improve our inclusivity efforts despite barriers. “Diversity and inclusion isn’t a solitary achievement. It’s a continuum that constantly improves and directly contributes to the sustainability of our society.” She’s always looking to learn more. This dedication to expanding her knowledge translates easily to Mia’s free time. Outside of work, she’s an active member of the Edmonton Business Diversity Network (EBDN), a network of companies and organizations who share a vested interest in advancing and shaping D&I in the local Edmonton region.