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Sania Chaudhry

Sania Chaudhry has been active on the anti-racism sphere from the view of the workplace and is now at a firm that does the same. She was published last year in the globe and mail talking about intersectional identities and the legal workplace and was also a panelist on gendered Islamophobia last year at the Legal Education and Action Fund Equality Breakfast. She has also moderated, created and spoken at various other webinars for the legal profession for the CBA and The Advocates Society on the issues of bias, racism, systemic barriers in the legal profession and written articles in CBA National magazine that regards as well focusing on antiracism education for legal professionals and other recommendations for change.

Since last fall, Sania was appointed to the Alberta Anti-Racism Advisory Council by the Ministry and received the 2022 Women Who Inspire Award from the Canadian Council of Muslim Women, the 2022 Community Crusader Award from the South Asian Inspiration Awards, and was named one of the 2022 Top 30 Under 30 by the Alberta Council for Global Cooperation for her anti-racism and EDI work in the legal profession.