Whether in schools, in the workplace, or through proposed legislation, Canada is becoming a more dangerous place for the 2SLGBTQI+ community, especially for those who are transgender and non-binary. We know how harmful anti-trans hate is to the queer community and beyond.

At CCDI, we contribute to a world where people are accepted for who they are and feel free to be their full selves, always. We value inclusion – it’s in our name – and it’s one of our core values.

To the 2SLGBTQI+ community – We see you and we stand with you. We support your right to gender-affirming healthcare and to be addressed by the name and pronouns you choose, no matter your age. We will continue to educate Canadians and show up for you.

To the allies out there – Thank you. Keep striving in your work to affect social change, building a world where we have courage and humility to learn and respect one another. 

For others looking to learn more on 2SLGBTQI+ inclusion, here is a resource guide to get you started: https://ccdi.ca/media/3972/20230315-educational-resources-on-lgbtq2splus-inclusion-en.pdf